There are encounters which, at first glance, seem impossible, and yet! That of Maryam Mahdavi and Selim Gouaned is one of them.Two atypical characters at the antipodes of each other have thus found themselves around a capsule collection entitled "The icing on the cake". SHEMARYAM MAHDAVI No need to introduce it so identifiable is his universe.Interior architect, stylist, designer and scenographer, Maryam Mahdavi defines herself as a house dresser. Full of paradoxes, she likes the politically incorrect and all that is whimsical. Her universe is often colorful, and she dares to mix and match which gives an identity and a real signature to her creations. His inspirations often come from the "underground" worlds like Studio 54 and Château Marmont, which have seen the greatest artists parade, including: Andy Warhol, Keith Harring, Jean-Michel Basquiat and many others.A bit provocative, she likes to work on ugliness and all that is not obvious. In short, she is not afraid of anything.     HISSELIM GOUANED Self-taught and fascinated by fashion from an early age, having style and wearing beautiful clothes are for this young designer guarantees of confidence and success. But it will be above all his meetingwith Mohamed Dia who will make him realize that he can also make a job out of it.“He taught me a lot and I thank him for that. » says Selim. Voluntary, workaholic, and open to new challenges, his first collection will be a tribute to one of his close friends who died in tragic circumstances.Success is there and will encourage him to continue the adventure. Yoxeone was born and with this brand the realization of a dream.       "THE ICING ON THE CAKE" PAR MARYAM MAHDAVI ET SELIM GOUANED       A collection, 3 pieces in a limited series the perfect blouse both couture and street life is inspired by the Studio 54 years! The sleeves were made from a 19th century carpet. This creation is an autobiographical work that highlights the Persian roots of Maryam Mahdavi. The “Suspicion” table is inspired by the American series "Gossip Girls" and "Charlie's Angels". Which explains this new version made like a zipped jumpsuit in iridescent pink nappa lambskin. and a designer chair. The chair “The icing on the cake” signs this capsule collection! Inspired by a Haute Couture fashion show, she will wear a pair of cherries that can be hung and unhooked from her bag. This chair has a “Sex and the City” inspired attitude.     @ thes Parisiennes Press Agency